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Jimmy's Killer Fish & Pizza

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns concentrates on seafood with Prawns being the speciality. Meat & poultry items together with a large variety of drinks & desserts are also featured on the menu. The restaurant is predominantly for sit in customers although take home meals are available.

Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips is a scaled down version of the Jimmy’s Killer Prawns, and is geared for the take-away & take home market. Most of the stores also having seating available for the customer on the go. The focus on the menu is seafood items with limited range of sandwiches, rolls & meat items.

Jimmy’s Killer Grills has a considerably diversified menu offering a variety of burgers, grilled chicken, grilled meats, breakfasts, sandwiches, rolls, schwarmas, desserts & drinks.

Jimmy’s Killer Pizza focuses on pizza & pastas prepared with seconds.

Store Number: E13A
Contact Number: 011 427 0023